celix: more efficiency in order picking

CRON offers picking systems of varying complexity: from solutions that are integrated in a comprehensive logistics solution to manual systems with a very low degree of automation.

The basis for “paperless” picking is the “celix” system. All orders are initially recorded manually or automatically in a central computer. celix can receive the orders via an ERP system. Each customer order is assigned to a delivery day and a tour, whereupon the sequence of the customer arrival is defined.

The classic basis of order picking in the meat and sausage industry is the picking rack, before which so-called pick scales or order picking stations, i-dots are attached. The goods can be picked in different picking areas known to the celix workstation.

Wireless picking

The employee wears a wireless scanner that is connected online to the celix server. However, this method only makes sense if the weight is also included in the weight-dependent goods barcode. CRON favours devices that allow as much freedom of movement as possible.

Paper-based picking

All order picks are printed out in the order in which they will later be picked and delivered. The order picker puts an article in a box and thus creates a box with a clear article. The next article in the next box, etc. Once all articles are provided in this way, the boxes are placed on a small conveyor and then transported to a scale. The first box contains the picking slip, which is taken from the cart. This identifies the order and then the article. Thus, an extremely high throughput is possible here!

The CRON principle: in picking, celix can make a substantial profit. With the wealth of audits that celix carries out, mistakes are drastically reduced, the amount of complaints drops, working hours are reduced, as is the cost while tonnage is on the increase.

CRON’s specialists like to analyse the clientele’s current situation and discuss optimization options for the respective company.