The CRON services are always of a technical nature, where extensive planning tasks are required.

All the CRON business is done in project form.


A typical project goes through the following phases:

  • consultancy/planning before the contract award process
  • contract award
  • creation of specifications
  • realization/programming of the project/subproject
  • testing of the entire system under laboratory conditions
  • commissioning/installation of the system at the customer
  • instruction and training
  • on-site company support
  • operation support via remote maintenance

CRON has an experienced project manager with decision-making authority on hand for every project.

Planning / Consulting

A feature of planning and consulting is the creation and development of actual analyses, target concepts and alternative solutions for the various key issues. The consulting/planning usually accompanies the whole project from A to Z. In addition to appointments and tasks, the selection of components is also included, such as weighing technology, measuring instruments, labellers, computer hardware and software.

Meat Logistics

CRON provides both more or less complex logistics systems, usually with a conveyor technology partner. CRON supplies the warehouse management and logistics system including material flow control. The materials handling partners supply the steel and stainless steel, as well as the PLC with the complete electrical engineering. CRON is highly specialized for the meat and sausage industry. The logistics system, known as celix, supports a wide range of business areas, including receiving, butchering, production, packaging, pricing, warehousing, picking and shipping.

Picking systems

In order picking, individual articles from a complete assortment are assembled based on a customer or market order. The employees who put together the order are called “pickers”, the workplace as such is called a picking place or a picking station. Sometimes the picking stations are involved in materials handling processes, sometimes these are purely manual jobs.

CRON has a lot of experience in the field and can offer the best solution for every need.

Industrial weighing technology / customized solutions

The scale manufacturers on the market already offer a high degree of solutions for the customers. Whenever customer requirements can not be met by a standard weighing solution, the CRON team comes to its peak. Over the years, many projects have been realized in the manufacturing industry (steel, wire, plastics, chemicals, etc.) as well as the meat and sausage industry. CRON has earned in the process the reputation:

There is nothing they can not link!


Service, hotline

After CRON has delivered a project, the team is still available for customers – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Using state-of-the-art communication equipment and internal organization, a straightforward solution for each problem is found.