Planning & Consulting

Good planning is everything

The ambition of the CRON experts aims to significantly contribute to the improvement of corporate structures with their projects. Only when their customers are not only satisfied, but enthusiastic, does CRON see their task as fulfilled. The prerequisite for this is efficient planning and consultation before the order is placed and the responsible support of the customer throughout every project phase.

Only in close and confiding cooperation with the users will the questions and individual demands become clear. Only using this basis of knowledge can the correct task be formulated and solution concepts worked out. The result of this intensive dialogue is a functional specification document in which the project task is described precisely and detailed.

A CRON functional specification document includes:

  • solution concept
  • tasks
  • scheduling
  • dates
  • component selection, such as scales, printers, labellers, markers, computer hardware and software

The CRON motto here is:
The better the planning, the fewer mistakes, the cheaper for everyone!